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Frequently Asked Questions !

The simple answer is NO. PneuPress has one location for distribution and sales. Pneupress does not have pick up points and therefore uses Post Canada for this.
Any orders that did not purchase shipping will need to be picked up at the address stipulated under the shipping option “”Local-Pickup” when the order was placed. The location address for Local-PickUp’s can be found in the Contact Us Page inlcuding opening hours.

Pneupress and Canada Post work together to ship tires and wheels to you!
Shipping is possible all over Canada and USA. To get pricing use the shipping tool available on each product page or in cart to get estimated pricing and shipping estimated delivery times.

Products cannot be shipped back under the following conditions:

1. Product is still New, Unopened and Sealed.
2. A reason is needed for why the product purchased needs to be sent back.

We currently have a 0% return rate and would like to keep it this way!

Please take Note:

We do not accept the reason: “Do not want it anymore” or “Should not have purchased” including “It doesn’t fit my Vehicle” — The reason we do not accept these as valid return reasons are simple, Pneupress takes the time to make sure that you can shop with tools that confirm fitment before purchase. The buyer and the buyer alone is 100% responsible for all purchases made on this website.

All products are checked and verified before leaving distribution centers for shipping to ensure products are as advertised.

All warranty concerning NEW tires purchased on Pneupress can be found on the Warranty Page where you can download a PDF file by MANUFACTURER to see about type of question you had about the warranty on that specific tire brand model and size. These warranties are provided by the manufacturer and NOT therefore all claims are to be made through the manufacturer and not website. See Warranty Page for PDF brochures.

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